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Are your dreams and financial security at the mercy of the markets?

Welcome! Option Empire is a premier options advisory service, dedicated to helping our subscribers build wealth and profit in both bull and bear markets! We use proven index credit spread option strategies which have produced consistent returns over time and have been extremely successful at preserving capital and managing risk. This is not to say that it is easy, guaranteed or “risk-free” – it is not.  However, with our proven strategies, wealth of knowledge, and experience, our performance speaks for itself!

Option Advisory Service Objectives

  • Capital Preservation (Risk Management)
  • Consistent Monthly INCOME (Profits)
  • Conservation Positions (all positions are well “Out-of-the-Money”)
  • Short Holding Periods (Typically 20 – 35 Days to Expiration)

The results speak to themselves!

  • Consistent Monthly INCOME (Profits) of 2.5% to 7%!
  • High Trade Profitability Ratio – Over 90%!!

Our options advisory service is not for day traders and big risk takers hoping to score huge profits overnight. We strongly caution investors about those newsletters and advisory services who claim extremely high returns and promises of easy fortunes. These “sound to good to be true” services are typically just that – too good to be true. Often, performance and profits are embellished or simply not reported correctly, losses are often never reported, and the huge risks incurred are rarely mentioned. Excessive greed, overly aggressive trading and a lack of discipline are not the qualities of a successful trader, or, options advisory service!

If you are looking for fast pace action and a daily adrenaline rush, our service is not for you. If you are looking for a professional options advisory service that offers a conservative, disciplined investment approach that produces consistent profits while focusing on capital preservation, welcome!!